A City Guide to Living in Phoenix, AZ

If you find yourself wishing for a sunnier city that doesn’t have harsh winters but is more affordable than California, look no further than living in Phoenix, AZ! Phoenix is known for its sunny weather, affordable living costs, and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities!

Many people flock to Arizona that love to live near the coast and feel the sun but want a more affordable way of life. Living in Arizona is also free from the effects of also natural disasters. The state does not experience earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and forest fires, unlike its unlucky neighbors. If you’re convinced Arizona is where you need to be, which city is the best? Let us show you the break down of the most popular city in Arizona; Phoenix.

Affordable Living

According to, Bestplaces.net, Phoenix is scored at 103.7 when comparing the overall cost of living compared to the US which scores 100. Phoenix, Arizona has an average housing price of $239,400. When you look at prices in other warm sunny areas you start to raise this cost. People generally pay more to live somewhere with better weather year-round. For example, the average home in California is $554,886 according to Business Insider. You still get the sunny and dry weather with little rainfall and no snow in Arizona. Also, it doesn’t matter where you live in Phoenix if you are worried about being able to access the beach, there are many beautiful coastlines that are only a short drive away.

Another great thing about living in Pheonix is the type of houses and apartments. Arizona has a unique architectural style and design. Many well-known architects have made Pheonix their homes such as Frank Lloyd-Weber whose home is worth over 3 million dollars. Georgia O’ Keeffe has designed many unique buildings that are in Pheonix as well. Both have inspired many beautiful types of buildings and homes in Pheonix that are unique. Architects use a mixture of red rock and glass designs to create beautiful and unique buildings that can be toured.

What To Do

One of the great things about living in Phoenix, AZ is the location. In downtown Phoenix, there are many restaurants and shopping. The Duce restaurant in downtown Phoenix was featured on the Food Network and is known for its delicious food and entertainment venue featuring live music and weddings.

If you want to get out of the city for a bit, you can take a short road trip to Disneyland, The Grand Canyon, San Diego, and Las Vegas with each one being less than 6 hours away from Phoenix. There are many historic buildings and trails to explore in Phoenix as well, such as the Mystery Castle, Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural home, old irrigation canals, and the Arizona State Capitol.

Don’t forget about the Phoenix Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, and the Musical Instrument Museum. These are all exciting excursions if you are in the Phoenix area. Residents love living in Phoenix for many reasons, with so many things to do being at the top of the list. People who live there enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle that embraces the colorful, vast layout and architecture of the Sunset State.

Phoenix Life

Another reason people seem to love living in Phoenix, AZ is the light traffic flow. Compared to other big cities, Phoenix has the lightest and breeziest traffic flow of a city that size. Other big cities like Chicago, Salt Lak City, and Atlanta have constant backups, jams, and detours that slow down the traffic flow.

Another great thing about Phoenix is it embraces the grid system for its layout. Phoenix has a comprehensive and sensible way in which they name their streets. Each city center and its extending streets are set up like a square grid. For example, if you have 1st street the next street north of it would be 2nd street and so on. Many cities in the west have embraced this type of system and it always makes living there easier to navigate.

We have other cities in the west that are good to learn about prior to moving there. If you are interested in moving to the area, check out this post! And if you’re looking to rent an apartment, be sure to visit Marketapts.com/ Apartments.

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