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If you want to make living at your apartment easier or if you are planning to move somewhere new, we have some advice and tips on how to win over your landlord. Now we know how awful it is to live in a community where the maintenance never gets done, you have loud and noisy neighbors, and your landlord is the devil. Nobody wants to live in “hell”, but what if you could change that and make it heaven. This article will help you get a good understanding of what it takes to have a good relationship with the property manager. If you execute these tips, then you should be able to live very comfortably where you are.

Read The Fine PrintLeasing Agreement

Before you make any final decisions about the apartment, make sure you understand everything written on your lease. Read it like it’s your favorite magazine, and remember it, like it’s your favorite song lyrics. Nothing will make your landlord more happy, then a resident who thoroughly understands what they are signing. This benefits you more than it does them, think about for a second; if you fully read and understand all the written documents and disclosures, you can see all the hidden fees, the restrictions and guidelines, as well as what you can and can’t do. Now if your landlord tries to charge you extra for something you didn’t read in the lease or contract, you can bring it up to them and avoid paying fees you didn’t agree to. It only makes sense, just like if you were to sign off on something important, its only right that we read it before signing off. I recommend you highlight important facts and details on the lease to help you remember as well.

Follow The Rules

This is a no brainer, go back to the lease agreement, once you sign off on a contract with the property, you must also obey their guidelines and rules. By not breaking any of your legal binding oaths, you will not only be a good resident and favorable one in your landlord’s eyes, but also a good neighbor.

OrganizatioCleaning an Apartmentn

Being organized is quality that we all need in every aspect of our life. The more organized we are, the more prepared we become, the more structured and efficient we become. The best thing you can do to keep your landlord happy is to pay rent on time. This is just like the previous tip, we all know we should do it, so why don’t we? Paying rent on time is a must, this is number one priority because if you are late on it, not only will you have to pay extra, but you also give this impression to your landlord that you’re not responsible.

The Little Things

When I say the little things what I mean by that is, being an a good neighbor, taking care of your apartment, giving notice before leaving. Just small things that we can do everyday that will help improve your living situation, but also create a positive atmosphere. Pay attention to the small things in life. They add up to create the big picture, you may not see right now, but after the dust settles you will notice how  big they become. Being respectful, cleaning the apartment regularly, and taking care of rent on time are some little things that we need to take care of everyday.



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