Summer is Hard on Food Banks and Residents of Low Income Apartments for Rent in AZ

apts arizona: food bankAs a follow up to my article on for rent AZ I found this and wanted to link to it.

Summer is a difficult time for food banks and residents of low income apartments for rent AZ.

Typically, people think about the hungry around the holidays,”  says William Carnegie, head of Tucson’s Community Food Bank and chairman of the  board of the Association of Arizona Food Banks. “Summer is one of our most  difficult times.”

Some reasons why demand increases during summer months according to the folks at

-Unemployment is above 9 percent.

-Utility costs are up along with the temperature, especially in poorly insulated,  low-rent apartments for rent in AZ where an out-of-date air-conditioner can run all day without  delivering much relief.

-Children who got free schools meals don’t get them in the summer.

-“Hunger doesn’t take a vacation,” says Bob Evans of the United Food Bank in  Mesa.

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