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Everything You Need To Know About Renting in Arizona

by Dasha Directo
Renting in Arizona

If you’re planning on renting in Arizona or even considering moving in general, you probably have a ton of questions floating through your mind. What things should I know before moving to Arizona? What’s the average rent price? What is the cheapest city to live in? How does renting in Arizona compare to other states? These questions may seem overwhelming but look no further because all these questions will be answered below. 

How does the average rent prices in Arizona compare to other states?

On average, renting an apartment in Arizona is cheaper than the U.S. average rent price. If you’re considering moving to Arizona to save money on rent, this could be the right decision for you. Depending on the size of the apartment, Arizona’s rent price is usually around $100 less than the U.S. average. 

ArizonaU.S. Average
1 Bedroom$806$930
2 Bedroom$1,011$1,148
3 Bedroom$1,454$1,537
4 Bedroom$1,668$1,791
Average Rent$1,381$1,470

What is the average rent in different Arizona cities?

Another question that may be lingering in your mind, is the average rent in specific Arizona cities. The price of renting in Arizona definitely depends on the city you choose to call home. Major cities tend to have a higher average rent price. Below is a list of the average rent prices of a one and two-bedroom in a few major Arizona cities.

CityAverage Rent

What city in Arizona is the cheapest to rent?

When deciding where to move to Arizona, you might wonder which city is the cheapest. The cheapest city in Arizona to rent based on income and average rent prices is Holbrook. The second city is Winslow. Safford comes in at the third cheapest city. Coming in at the fourth cheapest city is Eloy. The fifth cheapest city to consider renting in is Coolidge. These cities don’t necessarily have the cheapest rent prices, but the income to rent price ratio is the best, making them the top five cheapest cities in Arizona. 


What’s the cost of living in Arizona?

In a general overview, the state of Arizona is fairly affordable! When it comes to food, Arizona falls below the U.S. The average of a gallon of milk in Arizona is $2.06, whereas the national average is $3.10. Gas prices are a little higher in Arizona, however, the Grand Canyon State comes in at number five for the lowest gas taxes at 19 cents per gallon. The average utility bill in Arizona falls higher than the national average due to the high temperatures and the need for air conditioning. The good news is that the average rent prices are cheaper than the nation’s average, so don’t worry too much!

The Next Steps If You’re Planning on Moving to Arizona

Deciding which city to settle down and rent in can be difficult. Take the average prices in these Arizona cities into consideration when making your decision. Now that you have this information, where do you go from here?

  1. Start your Arizona apartment search here and check out these apartments!
  2. Read more about Arizona living.
  3. Plan activities to do in Arizona.

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