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Finding Apartmets For Rent in Az Makes More Sense Than Buying

by Daniel E. Fava
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apts arizona: sunset1As a follow up to my article on apartments for rent in Az. I found this and wanted to link  to it.

There are a few things you should consider whten making a decision to rent an apartment or buy a house.

1. Cost of apartments for rent in Az. vs. cost of mortgage – Average apartments for rent in Az is about $896. The average house payment is $1,134 not including taxes, insurance, or other expenses.

2. Routine maintenence and other expenses – At apartments for rent in Az. you don’t have maintenence costs. If something breaks you call the manager and they send someone to repair it. If you own a home you have to pay for everything that breaks. It is very expensive if something major needs service, such as the AC or the hot water heater.

3. Market stability- Even though we hear that the economy is better, home sales do not support that. The value of homes has dropped steadily for 5 years now and there is no sign of that changing in the near future.

For now at least, apartments for rent in Az. seem to be the best bet according to https://arkhamcity.org/?p=10056.

How about you? Any luck finding apartments for rent in Az? Comment below.

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